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Volume -2 | Issue-1 | January – 2024

S.No.Volume -2 | Issue-1 | January – 2024Page No.
1.Authors:- 1Sreashree Das, 2BH. Srawani, 3Anjali Kumari, 4Krishnakant Singh
Paper Title: “Regulatory Obligations for Safeguarding Data in Cloud Environments”
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2.Authors:-  1Durgesh Kumar Keshar, 2Dr. Guddi Singh
Paper Title: “ Self-learning QoS Architectures for Efficient IoT Wireless Communication”
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3.Authors:- 1Pallavi Singh, 2Dr. Rajesh Keshavrao Deshmukh
Paper Title: “Enhancing VANET Performance Using Real-world Traffic Modeling and

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